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Murals in Midland – Featured Five

Oil Rigs Mural – This repetitive oil rig mural screams Midland, TX and can be found on the corner of Illinois and Big Spring downtown. When the parking lot clears after 5 pm, you can really appreciate the full mural! The mural was designed by: Peter Himmelberg. The mural was painted by: employees of the local Chase Manhattan Bank.

Imagination Mural – This creative mural covers the south and east sides of the Midland County Downtown Library! You can find popular books, space, and even some installation art including the popular wings. The mural was created by: Calina Mishay (@calinamishay). The installation art was created by: Rae Ripple (@raeripple).

Wall Street Lofts Murals – Five different works of art can be found walking through the alley between Wall Street Lofts and Bourbon Street bar. The owner of the lofts partnered with Museum of the Southwest to choose 5 pieces of art to enlarge and showcase on the walls. The murals were created by: various Midland residents, including children and adults!

Twin Lions Mural – This colorful duo can be found at Pop Bar in Ally Village. Grab a gourmet popsicle and strike a pose in front of one for a unique photo! The mural was created by: Baron Batch (@baron_batch).

“Greetings From Midland” Mural – This amazing mural can be found at Volunteer Park. It can be seen driving into Midland towards downtown on Big Spring and greets visitors and locals coming through! The mural was created by: Artworks Midland (@artworks_midland).