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Home » Featured Five: Time Travel Through Midland’s Antique Stores

Featured Five: Time Travel Through Midland’s Antique Stores

There’s nothing like the thrill of discovering a gem at an antique store and giving it new life in your home. Midland has a fantastic antique shopping scene with hidden treasures waiting to be found and given a new life. West Texas has a rich cultural history, and our many antique stores hold clues to our past. Make a day out of treasure hunting for home goods, furniture, and trinkets from yesterday, and imagine the stories these antiques could tell. These are our featured five Midland antique stores.

1. Found Furnishings

Shop in-store or online at Found Furnishings. Boasting ‘the freshest vintage in town,’ you can bring home unique art deco and mid-century modern furniture, eclectic art prints, coffee table conversation starters, textiles, statement pieces, and everything in between. Stop by their shop at 428 Andrews Hwy, and you’ll be amazed by the shop’s groovy finds. Shop online anytime or stop by in person Thurs-Sat 12-3 p.m., or by appointment for curated, unique finds.

2. The Cat’s Meow

The Cat’s Meow Antique Club keeps an eye out for vintage finds. Keep an eye on their social channels for vintage fashion, dolls, jewelry, fine china, and more. They really stand out with their absolute goldmine of vintage clothing. Take a step back in time with the era of your choice, and dress to the nines with the appropriate handbag, costume jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Stop by 408 Andrews State Rte. and see what they have to offer in-store!

3. Old Town Tiques Mall

Shop for unique vintage finds at 306 Secor Street. Old Town Tiques Mall has both vintage and newly second-hand finds, including clothes, costume jewelry, decor, crosses, seasonal goodies, knickknacks, and even some sweet treats. They’re constantly getting new items, so plan some frequent stops and be first in line for the latest in-store finds.

4. Wall St. Antiques of Midland

Wall St. is absolutely packed with unique vintage finds, catering to all interests and treasure seekers. They are the largest antique dealer mall from Ft. Worth to El Paso and have a little bit of everything. Their building at 3712 W Wall St. is more than 19,000 square feet and is pretty much full to the rafters with vintage rarities.

Wall St Antiques Logo

5. Rustic Windmill 

Rustic Windmill is a vintage-inspired marketplace with a cozy, old-fashioned feel. They believe antiques shouldn’t be tucked away – they are meant to be lived with and enjoyed! Stop by 2032 W Cuthbert Ave. and give a vintage treasure a new chapter in your home. They have a little bit of everything, including gorgeous vintage glassware, seasonal decor, vintage furniture, antique signage, and everything in between.

Antique shopping isn’t just for those with an eye for collectibles. Even those new to antique shopping will be greeted with a treasure trove of goodies from yesteryear at Midland’s great antique shops. Check them out and start your treasure hunt!