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Can’t-Miss Insta-worthy Spots in Midland

Get ready to pack your profile with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, gorgeous goodies, and general good vibes. Midland’s wide open spaces and flair for luxury outings make it a wonderful place to remember (and maybe brag about online). These are our recommendations for can’t-miss insta-worthy spots in Midland.

Pop Bar

Snap a picture with these sweet, cold treats on a stick before they cool you down! These popsicles really are a work of art. Popbar at Ally Village has fruit-based pops, popwiches (think a gourmet ice cream sandwich on a stick), and a wide range of beautiful toppings added to each.

Juji’s Kitchen

Stop by Juji’s for excellent food and a fun atmosphere for breakfast or lunch. Grab a friend to join you for a cute picture on the adorable wooden swings strung up with ropes found at some of the tables! Their patio is also adorable and is a great spot to snap pictures to commemorate your brunch outing.

Cafe at the Gardens

Nestled inside Alldrege Gardens, Cafe at the Gardens is an insta-worthy, luscious green backdrop with a tropical flair. You’ll find various plant arrangements, pavilions, a Koi pond, and cute decor to pose in front of. Stopping by the cafe feels like a mini vacation. You’ll have your followers asking, “What island was this on?!”

The Destination Midland

This rustic outdoor venue has five themed areas referred to as skids. Each skid has its own unique charm. Stop by and choose your favorite area to match your evening, or roam around! The Destination Midland is perfect for a little photoshoot while you’re out having a good time and enjoying live music, street food, great drinks, and lively dancing.

Murals of Midland

Strike a pose in front of the incredible Midland murals in the area! Stop by the Blue Door for a craft cocktail and a picture in front of Love From Midland Mural. The Downtown Pumpjacks Mural can be found on the corner of Illinois and Big Spring. Stop by in the evening as the lot clears and the sun starts to set – and you’re sure to glow for the camera. The Greetings from Midland Mural can be found at Volunteer Park and has a classic postcard design to pose and post to show off your visit.

Hoop & Barrel

Is it possible to order a carefully crafted charcuterie board without taking a picture for social media? We think not. Hoop & Barrel’s charcuterie boards are packed with delicious goodies and are certainly photo-ready. Choose between the Guy’s Night Out with gouda, bacon, spiced herb havarti, chorizo, and more. Or, go with the Good as Hell, loaded with goat cheese, apple smoked fontina, cream dill Havarti, sweet capicola, and more. Add some of their fun cocktails to your spread and show off your selections.

The Hemingway

Lean into your high-brow side with the highly photogenic wine and cigars at The Hemingway. You can find a spot on their patio to puff and sip on the finer things in life. Or, claim one of the cozy leather chairs inside and enjoy live music as your backdrop to your selections. The vibe: cozy, laid back, and perfect for a picture to show off your exquisite taste in wine. 

Let’s add some flavor to your social channels. With the right backdrop, sweet treats, and something to sip on – the Midland area makes it pretty easy! Stop by these fantastic Midland locations and boost your profile social presence!