On-Site Visits - Arrange site visits of sports facilities, hoteliers and other attractions.

Bid Presentations - VisitMidland will create bids for your event to come to Midland. We can also travel to present these bids to boards or committees during the decision process or give the bid information to the appropriate contacts.

Hotel Reports - We will send out a request for proposal (RFP) for your event to all hoteliers and sports facilities that meet the needs of your event. Then a report is compiled for your use to keep, mail, email, post on the web, etc.

Pre and Post-Event Meetings - Staff can attend local pre-event meetings and a wrap-up meeting at the conclusion of the event.

Meal and Entertainment Functions - Assist in the development of special events and functions at our attractions or local venues.

Tours - Develop and coordinate tours of attractions and the area; provide step-on guides.

Coordination of Transportation - After receiving your itinerary, the staff can coordinate transportation with local bus companies between the hotels, convention center and off-site functions.

Catering List - Provide a list of local caterers.

Point-of-Contact - We are available during the event as your liason to the city. Needs, questions, or concerns can be handled through our staff.

Promotion & Publicity

Press Releases - Prepare and send news releases to local and regional media.

Photos and Promotional Video - Offer our library of photos, slides and promotional video for use in your print and promotional pieces (restrictions and guidelines apply).

VisitMidland Logo - Electronic version of the VisitMidland logo is available upon request (print guidelines must be followed).

Event Support

Name Badges - Create and print custom name badges for your attendees during registration.

On-Site Registration/Information - Provide VisitMidland and volunteer staff for registration and information assistance.

Opening Ceremony Welcome - Given by a local dignitary.

VisitMidland Welcome Banner - Provide a welcome banner for your use at the hotel or convention center welcoming attendees to Midland.

Table Decorations - Choose between pre-selected themes and decorating schemes for your use to allow you to decorate and customize your event (may require deposit).

Tracking Reports - Provided at registration for more accurate tracking of hotel nights and attendance.

Customized Maps - Midland maps with customized points of interest for your event.

Incentive Material

Name Badges/Holders - Printed with VisitMidland's logo and event/company logo pre-printed for registered attendees.

Visitor Bags - Plastic bags with VisitMidland's logo imprinted are filled with collateral pieces.

Souvenir Items - Items can be inserted in visitor bags based on budget and are available to you at wholesale prices.

Speaker and VIP Gifts - A selection of items commemorating Midland.

Credentials - Printed and laminated lanyards used to designate attendee status or allowance in restricted areas.

Luggage/Locker Tags - Printed and laminated tags for registered attendees or generic tags.

The VisitMidland Sports & Entertainment (VMSE) grant is available to events that are open to the public and held in Midland. Applicants must be organizations seeking to produce and promote a well-defined tourism-oriented sport or...