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Midland’s Must-Share Insta-worthy Treats

Midland has a wide variety of great food and is sure to satisfy all. But wait! Before you dig in, don’t forget to take a quick picture of your order. Not only does Midland have great food, but we also have treats that are so visually satisfying you’ll want to share them far and wide. Let’s dive into the spots in Midland with Insta-worthy treats you’ll want to capture in a photo before enjoying!

Susie’s South Forty Confections Candy Factory 

Get your camera ready to snap a picture before you devour the iconic treats from Susie’s! No matter what ends up in your haul, the packaging alone is adorable. Their classic red chocolate boxes with a gold bow are adorable. Snap a pic of the bagged Texas Trash tied with red and blue ribbons. The attention to detail on each individual chocolate is something you’ll want to remember and show off.

Hoop & Barrel

The cocktails at Hoop & Barrel are almost too cute to drink. They are somewhere between a traditional and an eccentric bar, and they take their specialty cocktails seriously! So many of their drinks come with flair to add a smile to your face, whether it’s a sprig of rosemary, thyme, or lavender. Or order the incredibly photogenic espresso martini. They are always coming up with new cocktail concepts, so prepare to make a tough decision.

Mister Chip’s

When eating at Mister Chip’s, you’ll notice tables reaching for their phones when the food arrives. Patrons are quick to snap a picture of their choice of Asian-inspired bowls and appetizers before they dig in. And their selection of beers and sake add an extra bit of fun to the table. The food may not be the only thing you want to remember and show off. The decor is so trendy and fun – you may want a group picture with their fantastic decor.

Taste-Tea Drinks

Before you start sipping, grab a picture of your choice of brightly colored, delicious teas at Taste-Tea. Take your pick from their extensive menu of teas with bright blues, vibrant oranges, multi-colored drinks that look like a bomb pop, and even flavorful teas topped with whipped cream. These drinks pack a punch and are too fun not to deserve a mini photoshoot.

Fountainville Creamery & Soda Fountain

Have you ever seen black ice cream? How about Crude oil-inspired ice cream? Stay with us on this one — it’s delicious. Fountainville Creamery & Soda Fountain makes their ice cream from scratch in-house, and their Black Gold flavor is a crowd favorite. It’s a combination of honey graham, local honey, and activated charcoal (hence the deep black color). Honor the hardworking men and women of Midland that power our country with this deliciously instagrammable flavor. 

Fuel Bar

Fuel Bar’s smoothie bowls are truly a work of art. You’ll find each strawberry, blueberry, coconut flake, and each nugget of granola to be perfectly in place atop acai or your protein-packed base of choice. Plus, their bowls are just as healthy as they are beautiful.

Pop Bar

These popsicles are a work of art and the perfect addition to a warm West Texas day. Popbar has fruit-based pops, popwiches (think a gourmet ice cream sandwich on a stick), and a wide range of beautiful toppings added to each!

The Paletta Bar 

Build your gorgeous paleta creation to show off at the Paleta Bar! These gourmet Mexican pops are a healthy treat with endless dipping and topping options. Choose your dip, add a little drizzle, and show off your creation to your followers.

Fair to Midland

Stop into Fair to Midland for year-round state fair-style eats. They have deep-fried funnel fries that are just as delicious as they look. They have options including strawberry delight, almond joy, oreo blast, and cinnamon sugar. Keep the fried food party going with a fair-style jalapeno cheddar corn dog or fried s’mores! It’s hard not to indulge in Fair to Midland’s fun atmosphere.


Spitz offers up gorgeous Mediterranean plates that are healthy and delicious. Order a beautiful fresh salad overflowing with pepperoncini, feta, olives, and tomatoes. You’ll want to leave room for their Unicorn Baklava Nut Roll. It’s a gorgeous spread of rolled filo dough, almonds, walnuts, and honey, drizzled with chocolate.

Enjoy unique eats in Midland and spread a little FOMO to your friends with our gorgeous Insta-worthy treats!