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Featured Five: Cold Weather Treats to Warm Your Soul

Let’s get cozy. As we settle into the chillier months in West Texas, Midland locals flock to the best cold weather treats in the area. These treats pair perfectly with sitting by a fire, enjoying long conversations with loved ones, and listening to some holly jolly music. Warm your soul this holiday season the Midland way with these chilly weather treats found right in town.

1. Sip on something sweet

CPL Ray’s Coffee, located in the downtown Micro Market, is a Midland favorite with a menu full of festive lattes and more to warm your bones while you’re downtown. Their signature drink, Ray Ray’s Mocha, is a white chocolate latte with swirls of caramel. Their seasonal drink menu includes English Christmas, Apple Cobbler, Gingerbread Latte, and more.

If coffee isn’t your thing, not much can beat a hot chocolate when the temperatures drop. Most drinks have the option of hot, frozen, or iced. Choose your favorite way to enjoy your caffeine boost, but there’s no better time to enjoy that first sip of a hot, signature CPL Ray’s latte.

CPL Ray's Coffee
CPL Ray's Coffee

2. Flaky crusts, fruity fillings

Stop by Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop and grab a warm delight on-the-ready for festive sweetness for you and your loved ones. Their menu of homemade baked pies and desserts has something to warm everyone’s spirit in dreary weather. Holiday favorites include Nanny’s Pecan Pie and their Candy Cane Thumbprint Cookies. They also have fantastic West Texas-inspired flavors, including the Buttermilk Southern Custard and the I-40 with a smooth pecan filling and shortbread. The 9-inch standard pies will indulge the whole family, and the 2-4-inch pies are nearly too cute to eat.

Buttermilk Sky will also warm your spirit of holiday giving. Check everyone off your Nice List and pick up one of their seasonal samplers with jams, teas, mulling spices, thumbprint cookies, signature coffee beans, and other holiday goodies.

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop
Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

3. Warmth in a cup (or a bowl)

It’s soup season, and Murray’s Delicatessen is a local favorite for a warm cup of comfort. Add a break to your holiday shopping and stop in to warm up with their expansive soup menu. 

Choose a classic, back-to-your-childhood flavor like chicken noodle, tomato basil, or potato. Or, go a little heavier with the chili and cornbread or the seafood gumbo. While their menu is much more than soups, this Texas favorite will indulge your cold weather blues with their hearty selection of soup favorites.

Murray's Deli

4. The ultimate sweet treats

Susie’s South Forty Confections – a Midland icon – is the spot to fill up on holiday cheer as the chilly gloom sets in. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store at Susie’s. Indulge in the vast selection of toffees, pralines, caramels, and much more made on-site, along with the careful curation of other sweet goodies available. ‘Tis the season for sitting cozily inside and making your way through a box of Susie’s iconic pecan toffee or decadent fudge.

Play in Midland
Susie's South Forty Candy Factory

5. Going out for dessert

Cowboy Prime makes for a fantastic outing for what they refer to as ‘Cowboy Cuts,’ including Prime New York Striploin and Canadian Lobster Tail. But their standards for dessert selections are just as exquisite. The Crème brûlée features a bold vanilla bean flavor and mixed berries. The Molten Chocolate Cake has raspberry sorbet and Valrhona chocolate. Perfect for date night – the Baked Texas for Two features butter pecan ice cream and whiskey!

Garlic Press

Don’t let the crisp air get you down. Embrace the season and warm yourself up with Midland’s cold weather treats! Plan your itinerary today.