Highway Sunset


Texas mapMidland is conveniently located on Interstate 20, halfway between Fort Worth and El DistancesPaso. We proudly boast the closest airport to Big Bend National Park, Midland International Airport. The great thing about Midland is that there is virtually no drive time to get from one part of town to another. Many professionals traveling to Midland for an extended period of time will rent a car, but that’s not necessary. Midland is served by several shuttle services, taxis, and EZ-Rider public transportation with six fixed bus routes through the city.

Did You Know?
Midland is now home to XCOR Aerospace’s Commercial Spaceflight and Research & Development Facility. XCOR will be located at Midland International Airport, which is currently under evaluation by the FAA to be granted a spaceport license. When approved as a spaceport, Midland International Airport will be the very first primary commercial service airport to be given such a designation, thus paving the way for other commercial space industry companies to join our community.


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