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Originally from Alabama, Nakia moved to Austin in 2002 by way of Chicago. After playing the Austin music scene for almost a decade, including the requisite Austin City Limits, he was launched onto the national scene in 2011 after attracting the attention of TV producer Mark Burnett, who invited him to compete on a show that no one had heard of yet called The Voice.

His mountain tough-and gruff-baritone voice chocked with a commanding yet soulful delivery of many of the day's popular songs ultimately landed him among the Top 8 semi-finalists in the first season of the show.

Influenced by the southern swampy blues of Muscle Shoals mixed with a bit of Stax inspired soul, Nakia delivers an unforgettable revival-style performance of real live blues packaged with a vintage, vinyl worthy flair. He'll be coming to Midland backed by the Blues Grifters, a 5-piece band from Austin.

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