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Housekeeper Appreciation and Press Conference on May 10

[Midland, Texas] – The Midland Convention & Visitors Bureau will lead a “Housekeeper Appreciation” celebration and press conference at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 10, at Sleep Inn & Suites, 5612 Deauville Boulevard. The celebration and press conference is part of the 29th annual National Travel and Tourism Week.  

“Travel and tourism creates 3,190 jobs and generates over $322 million in total direct travel spending here in Midland,” said Gaylia Olivas, Vice President of the Midland Convention & Visitors Bureau. “This week we are celebrating the impact of travel in our community, and we’re letting our elected officials and local citizens know how important travel is to Midland. On Thursday we will be showing our appreciation for the housekeepers in each of Midland’s hotel and motel properties. They are a vital part of travelers’ impression of our fine city.” 

Travel is a broad and diverse industry employing a vast workforce, from airline and hotel employees to restaurant, attraction and retail workers. Travel and tourism further supports employees in other industry sectors, such as construction, manufacturing and finance.

“Travel is a force that can drive our nation’s economic recovery. It is one of the healthiest sectors of our economy in terms of job creation and hiring, employing one out of every nine Americans,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, the umbrella organization representing the U.S. travel industry. “During this election season, we are galvanizing support to ‘Vote Travel’ to showcase the power of our industry and its impact on our economy.” 

Travel and tourism generated $1.9 trillion in economic output for the U.S. economy in 2011. The industry also represents one of America’s largest employers, supporting 14.4 million jobs (including 7.5 million directly in the travel industry and 6.9 million in other industries). Direct spending by domestic and international travelers averaged $2.2 billion a day, $92.8 million an hour, $1.5 million a minute and $25,700 a second. 

“I’ve worked in the travel industry for years, and I depend on visitors for my living,” said Marlene Martinez, Executive Housekeeper at Sleep Inn and Suites in Midland, who has been with the property since they opened their doors four years ago. “When people make the choice to travel to Midland, Texas, it makes an enormous impact on the residents who live and work here.”   

Martinez says she loves her job and their housekeeping staff of eight is one big family that works hard to keep to keep their customers happy. Sleep Inn & Suites is near the Scharbauer Sports Complex and hosts Midland RockHounds teams, other sport events as well as local oil businesses.  



Tourism is the second largest industry in the state of Texas.

According to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism department, tourism created $322 million in direct spending for Midland, Texas.  

Of that $322 million spent in Midland:
Over $44 million is spent being spent on accommodations
Over $54 million spent on food service
Over $71 in local transportation and gas
Over $24 million on arts, recreation and entertainment
Over $70 million in retail sales
And over $18 million in air transportation  
Travel provides 3,190 jobs in Midland and generates $4.2 million in tax revenue right here in our city.

SOURCE: Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism,

Did You Know
If you took that $322 million in direct spending in Midland and placed those 322 million one dollar bills end‐to‐end, they would circle the entire world – and you’d still have 65 million dollar bills left over.

Did You Know
If those 3,190 people employed through tourism here in Midland lined up with their arms spread, fingers touching they would stretch more than 3 miles long

Did You Know
This past  year, the Midland CVB bid on 21 new events totaling 6,787 room nights generating $2,394,995 in Direct Visitor Spending. We completed 138 events totaling 30,011 room nights generating $22,750,090 in Direct Visitor Spending.

The mission of the Midland Convention & Visitors Bureau is to encourage economic growth by developing, promoting, enhancing and supporting Midland as a vibrant visitor destination.