Texas Pecos Trail Region Site Nomination Form 

The Texas Pecos Trail Region and Texas Mountain Trail Region are partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife to create the last wildlife trail and map for the state of Texas. The resulting wildlife viewing trail and map will unify existing and potential birding and wildlife viewing sites into a single, cohesive marketing entity. Birders and other wildlife watchers are already using many of the sites along the proposed Trail each year. However, most of these locations function independently and they are limited in their capabilities to market their resources or gain economies of scale.

The Trail will consist of a series of loops through the project area. Our goal is to have each site be no more than an hour’s drive from neighboring sites. Each site must be open to the public at least part of the year and have the habitat necessary to attract both wildlife and wildlife watchers.

The broad-scale participation of agencies, organizations, communities, goods and service providers, private landholders and individuals is critical to the development and implementation of these Trails. Therefore, we welcome the nomination of Trail sites through mail-in applications. Texas Pecos Trail and Texas Mountain Trail are currently accepting nomination requests to add sites to the map covering Far West Texas. To nominate a site, please fill out this form and send it with the required attachments to Scott Jordan, Executive Director, Texas Pecos Trail Region, P. O. Box 212, Sonora TX, 76950.

Counties covered in the Texas Pecos Trail Region map project area: Andrews, Crane, Ector, Loving, Martin, Midland, Pecos, Reeves, Terrell, Upton, Ward, and Winkler.

Please send  this form  and the attachments to:

Scott Jordan; Executive Director
Texas Pecos Trail Region
P. O. Box 212, Sonora TX, 76950
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